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Aerobact Ltd, Unit 27 Croft Road Ind Estate, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffs ST5 0TW

Aeration Systems

Aeration is a process in which oxygen is added to various applications

Our fine bubble diffusers have a dual effect of adding oxygen and mixing the liquid, thus keeping solids in suspension.

Our diffuser is negative buoyancy and requires no fixing so it can be introduced to the liquid without any need to empty or interrupt the existing installation.
The example shown is a leachate store from a landfill site which needed a BOD and solids reduction. This was achieved by bacteria action and increasing the oxygen content of the liquid prior to release to a water course.

It can also be used on lakes, reservoirs (mixing to avoid thermal inversion) and rivers (emergency added oxygen from a pollution incident).

Lined Lagoon for Slurry